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Please Note: We are unable to ship MoTeC hardware outside of Australia

Data Loggers and ECUs … a winning choice

Race Proven Over 25 Years

MoTeC has built a reputation for outstanding reliability, advanced technology and high performance products that exceed expectations. Such growth has brought with it a diverse range of customers and a wide array of vehicles, encouraging the constant expansion of MoTeC product capabilities and support expertise.


Comprehensive technical assistance is a vital component of your electronics investment. Every installation is unique, and MoTeC systems are sophisticated, so from time to time customers are likely to need expert advice to achieve their goals. MoTeC prides itself on providing excellent support, either in person, over the phone or by email, to get you back on track fast.


The benefits of product training cannot be overstated. Learning first hand from MoTeC personnel is the ideal way to really get to know your system and to understand how to make the most of it. Structured teaching reduces the time and cost of trial and error learning and may uncover some useful features you weren’t aware of before.

Dedicated R&D Facility

MoTeC’s Research Centre, located in Melbourne, Australia, is devoted to the continual development of new technologies and the ongoing refinement of existing systems. With specialist staff and valued input from professional race teams worldwide, this purpose built centre is equipped to develop new generations of electronic solutions well into the future.

Testing and Manufacturing Standards

MoTeC products are designed and manufactured to internationally recognised standards of quality and reliability. All our products are compliant with relevant electromagnetic compatibility standards—EMC—as required in various countries around the world.

2 Year Warranty

MoTeC prides itself on quality manufacturing and high reliability, and every effort is taken to ensure each product leaving the company meets the highest standards. To support this commitment, MoTeC provides a two year warranty on all MoTeC manufactured items.

Why do we use Speedflow fittings

Speedflow has manufactured and supplied innovative and quality aerospace style fittings to the motorsport market in Australia and around the World for more than 25 years.

Speedflow’s range of fittings are unique and innovative in design with strong full flow Hose Ends and Adapters which are not made the conventional way by brazing but are bent in specialized equipment to produce a compact solid one piece bend.

You have Accurate Data, a great Fuel System but still guessing @ your tune-up

We use and recommend Alky Pro a new Windows based program for Fuel System Analysis and Tuning of Supercharged Alcohol engines.

We all know that correct calibration of the Fuel System, relative to current atmospheric conditions, is critically important to both performance and parts maintenance. Simply put we have found Alky Pro provides accurate and repeatable results.

With Conventional or Methanol modes and innovative features including a correction for Fuel Temperature and Specific Gravity there is no reason not to be using it.
My favorite feature, realtime pill updates sent to your phone … Alky Pro – Smart Technology for Smart Racers. Get over to their website and let them know we sent you.