Prototyping has been a staple part of our business which has recently been enhanced with the purchase of our Zortrax 3D printer. Although this units print volume is limited to 200mm x 200mm x 200mm we have access to larger volumes through partner relationships if required.

This is a great method of proving a part prior to committing to a CNC’d version. In some cases a 3D print is more than suitable as the final product. It offers a great alternative for brackets and component mounts.

If you have a special requirement please send us an email or use our contact page found here.

The following items are a small selection of the variety of parts we have manufactured for our customers.


Zortrax M200 3D Printer

Our Zortrax 3D Printer has a generous print volume of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm.

We have a large range of print materials available.

A materials application guide can be found here